Introducing myself to you for those who do not know me, I am Sofee Supermarine a keen and hard working farmer in Digiworldz using the Satyr Farm on Opensim.

Loves every second spent on my farm and meeting farmers all over the Metaverse.

I have decided to make a Farmers web blog to help you work around your own farm at ease.



About Me

Farming in Digiworldz

    © 2018 by Sofee Supermarine. For the Digiworldz Farmers

    Farmers Market
    For Farmers needs you can visit the Farmers Market Place in Digiworldz, OpenSim, Exchange, Trade, Gift and Buy for free.
    Share your Farming Experience with Others.

    Farming on Digiworldz

    Farming Life using the Satyr Farm

    Farmlife on Digiworldz, 

    It's like a Farmers Paradise, and a lot of work involved! 


    Satyr Farm is an amazing farming simulation system on OpenSim, which allows player experience the depths of farming life by planning their farming goals, breeding different types of farm animals, and grow their own crops, plants and trees.


    Each Opensim Grid has its own community that uses this Farming system in various ways to further enhance their Virtual experiences.

    There are many users conduct trades with other farmers and users in well establish marketplaces and roles playing structures. This creates in world commerce to further supports the role-playing experience and their individual or group goals.

    In addition, many SATYR Farm users enjoy the relaxing lifestyle of farming life and “getting back to nature”.

    SATYR creators have made every effort to ensure the system can be used in any role plays system and period.

    The SATYR system is intended to be family-friendly and safe for the whole family to enjoy.

    How to get Started:

    Visit  the OpenSimWorld Region at  in your Viewer.

    Plant some Crops in the Fields.

    Get yourself a few Animals.

    Water Wells/Water Towers to get water barrels for your fields and animal.

    Use the Oven and Kitchen to cook the Crops you have processed,

    the foods will give your Animals Energy to work on your fields and to Play.

    Make Drinks in the Juicer or the Brewery,

    and enjoy life on Your Farm!

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