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About Farming

Farming is about taking time out and enjoying the Nature around you on your farm to growing your own crops and harvest them to feed your animals or to sell for points in your account on the Opensimworld website.

You can Raise your own Animals such as Chickens, Goats, Cows, Rabbits, Reindeers, Horses, Elks, Pigs, and more from the Animal Rezzer  provided in your Satyr Farming Package.

Once you have rezzed an Animal from the rezzer it will start out as a Baby and then you can watch them grow up and when they turn into Adults, then you can Breed them and watch your farm expand and then collect from the Adult animals things like Milk, Wool and get Manure from them, which you will need to keep during your Farming Experience.

A farmer work is never completed in one day, as, after you have taken care of your Animals you will need to make food for them.

Making food can be fun too, growing your own crops such as Corn, Rice, Onions, Potatoes, Flour, Apples, Eggplant, Cherries, Peppers, Grapes, Lemons, Tomatoes, Strawberries, Grain and Oranges, with these produce you then can start feeding your animals and making certain kinds of foods for them, depending on the Animal to what they eat and become a Baker and a Chef.


You are provided with two kinds of Ovens in your farmers pack.

In the Kitchen Oven you can make some Delicious Dishes like: Apple Pies, Cheese and Pasta dishes and some Slop for your Dogs and Piggy's to eat.

In the Wood Oven you can make more Delicious Dishes like: Pizza, Bread, Cherry Cake and Strawberry Cakes.

Sounds Great huh! it doesn't just stop there as you also have a Microbrewery where you can be your own Brewer too, making your own Whiskey, Cognac, Beer, Wine, Vodka, Gin.


And in the Juicer you can make Soft Drinks to Apple Cider.


You are provided with Storage places too for your Food and Drinks and Produce's, such as a Fridge for your Eggs, Milk, Slop, Meat, Fish, Chicken and Cheese, as you wouldn't want them to go bad.

And a big Storage Rack for your goods you make so they do not go rotten.

If you want to start your own farm, you can collect the latest SatyrFarm package on OpenSimWorld at:

And join the SATYR Farm-ers of Open Sim group on Google+ for tips and hints.

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