Introducing myself to you for those who do not know me, I am Sofee Supermarine a keen and hard working farmer in Digiworldz using the Satyr Farm on Opensim.

Loves every second spent on my farm and meeting farmers all over the Metaverse.

I have decided to make a Farmers web blog to help you work around your own farm at ease.



About Me

Farming in Digiworldz

    © 2018 by Sofee Supermarine. For the Digiworldz Farmers

    Farmers Market
    For Farmers needs you can visit the Farmers Market Place in Digiworldz, OpenSim, Exchange, Trade, Gift and Buy for free.
    Share your Farming Experience with Others.

    Farmers Market

    The place to visit with other Farmers

    Farmers Market Place in Digiworldz can be Found in this Location

    for (inworld users):

    Farmers Market

    Put this Name into your World Map, then click Find to TP

    Farmers Market Place for OpenSim Wide users can be Found in this Location

    Hypergrid Address:

    Tangle Grid

    Satyr Farm Exhibit - Isle

    Put this HG address into your World Map, then click Find to TP

    Regular Location: OpenSimWorld HG Address:

    Hyper Address:


    To get the Latest Version of the SATYR Farm

    To see a DEMO of the latest Farm visit Pripe at

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